through technologyTo be a company thatcontributes to society

Top Message

Strive to create what doesn’t yet exist in the world,
and meet the challenges of developing a sustainable society

RORZE has been committed to improving production efficiency as its primary goal, through the use of automation technology in the industries of semiconductors, flat panel displays (FPD) , and life sciences, where cutting edge technology is adopted. In such industries RORZE promotes the development of advanced technologies, and pursues business through reliable product supply, global sales and service networks, as well as highly efficient production systems. Utilizing its experience in each business area, RORZE will pursue the development of a sustainable society.


RORZE‘s philosophy

RORZE respects individuals to the utmost, and wishes to be “technical experts” in the international community by implementing the creation of value in the field of technology. We aim to be the top company in the field. Through sincere and fair business activities, we will market superior technology as a product to the world. On the other hand, we will accurately recognize environmental and social issues as legitimate issues, and provide value for solving them.  In addition, in order to contribute to the sustainable development of society by assessing the impact of business processes on the environment and society, and promoting continuous improvement, we are working as a supply chain by using “co-innovation” with customers and business partners.

Compliance with international standards, laws and regulations, and information disclosure

We pursue business with the aim of developing a sustainable society, and believe that the continuous growth of our business can solve global social issues. In order to promote CSR activities, RORZE will formulate action guidelines and set goals, and enhance information disclosure based on the TCFD recommendations of the Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosures.

Environment Environmental initiatives

Environment and technology

As a member of the international community, RORZE aims to maximize the value of technology and deliver it to domestic and overseas customers. In these days when environmental awareness of climate change such as global warming is growing, RORZE strives to reduce the environmental load across our operations, and improves the technological capabilities to increase efficiency in the semiconductor manufacturing process. We believe that these initiatives can lead to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the development of a sustainable society.

Social Social initiatives

Promoting diversity

At RORZE, we respect the diversity of human resources and strive to create new values by achieving their best potential. We aim to provide fair opportunities for career advancement, and build a system that allows employees to draw flexible career paths for the active participation of diverse talent.
In addition, as an initiative to invite children who will lead the next generation of talented engineers, we hold and support competitions with the aim of fostering their background in manufacturing.


Ensuring transparency, soundness, and efficiency

At RORZE, in order to achieve sustainable growth in an internationally competitive environment, we aim to make swift decisions by promoting an efficient organization and responding appropriately to changes in the business environment. Recognizing corporate governance as one of the important management issues, we are pursuing the fulfillment of our corporate social responsibility by ensuring the transparency, soundness, and efficiency of corporate management.