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Environmental policy

Environmental philosophy

As a member of the international community, RORZE aims to maximize the value of technology and deliver it to domestic and overseas customers.
In these days when environmental awareness of climate change such as global warming is growing, RORZE strives to reduce the environmental load across our operations, and improves the technological capabilities to increase efficiency in the semiconductor manufacturing process. We believe that these initiatives can lead to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the development of a sustainable society.

Impacts and opportunities of climate change

At RORZE, we believe that it is necessary to set specific scenarios and understand the impact of climate change, taking into account the movement of international greenhouse gas reduction targets.
In particular, in a scenario where the temperature rise by 2050 is suppressed at a level of 1.5℃ by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, a severe business environment such as an increase in energy prices due to tightening regulations, is expected. On the other hand, there is a possibility that demand for semiconductors will increase from the perspective of energy control. We plan to consider these risks and opportunities in the future.

Technology that contributes to society

In order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it is essential to innovate power generation technology, which is currently the mainstream, and reduce power loss in places where large volumes of power are used, such as with power transmission and motors. The key to innovation in power generation technology is the use of renewable energy such as solar power and offshore power generation, and the key to reducing large capacity power consumption loss is the reduction of excess operations, through digitalization of control systems related to factory motors.
In order to implement the utilization of new power generation technology, and improve the efficiency of power consumption and energy, semiconductors are essential for efficient transmission of generated electricity, use of electricity without surplus, and realization of mechanisms that fundamentally reduce power consumption (in particular, semiconductors used for energy control and power conversion are called “power semiconductors”).
Assuming the functions of power semiconductors as an example, demand for semiconductors will increase as climate change measures are implemented and as a result, there is a possibility that the demand for equipment with RORZE’s technology will increase. This is because RORZE’s main product, the wafer transfer equipment, is being introduced to semiconductor fabs around the world as a technology that enhances the efficiency of the semiconductor manufacturing process, and achieves the most advanced manufacturing process.


What is a power semiconductor?

A power semiconductor is a semiconductor that controls motors, lighting, and electric power conversion, and has the characteristic of handling a large amount of voltage and current.
Unlike semiconductors that perform general calculations, power semiconductors have the following four functions by supplying power themselves, such as in AC/DC conversion, change in voltage and motor drive.
◆ Converter
Conversion from AC to DC.
Responsible for converting AC voltage generated at power plants to DC voltage that can be used at home.
◆ Inverter
Conversion from DC to AC.
Converts the current from converted DC back to AC.
◆ Frequency conversion
Used for machines that operate at a specific frequency by changing the cycle of AC.
◆ Regulator
Used to stabilize the voltage of the converter by converting the DC voltage.

Environmental initiatives

Solar power system

The total power generated by the solar power generation system at the head office and Kyushu factory is1,275kW, and generates power for about 420 households with the installation of 5,256 panels, which contributes to the reduction of about 700 tons of greenhouse gas annually.


Management data

Greenhouse gas emissions

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